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Can Tho

Can Tho is the biggest and wealthiest of the Mekong Delta cities and the commercial hub for the tremendous agricultural output of the region. It's a less compelling destination for travellers however, than some of the smaller delta towns.

The recent completion of another Mekong River bridge has made the Can Tho expedition far less arduous from Saigon, cutting at least an hour off the trip.

Can Tho's main attraction is Cai Rang floating market six kilometres away. Cai Rang is the Mekong Delta's largest floating market and an amazing early morning spectacle of traditional boats of all sizes packed with exotic fruits and other local produce for trade. If you're travelling extensively through the Mekong, don't miss it.

Can Tho is also a popular mooring spot for boats that operate overnight cruises through the delta - including some that travel further in to Cambodia.

The town sports an attractive waterfront with markets and pagodas but there's little else to persuade visitors to stay around - unless you're staying in the resort style environment of the Victoria Can Tho Hotel, one of a surprisingly small number of tasteful boutique hotels in the Mekong Delta.

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