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Datanla Waterfall

According to a legend of the minorities, Datanla was the place where the brave man K’Lang and the mountainous lady Ho Biang met each other. Here the man had a fight with fierce wild animals including snakes, 7 wolves and 2 foxes. This legend wrote: “trees are blown down, wind roars, the fight is absolutely violent. Lang pulls out his knife and chops down the tow snakes, takes out arrows and shoots at the wolves and the foxes which run away…The trees falling down make deep holes which make a death canyon at the bottom of the waterfall, and then Datanla became the meeting place of two lovers”.

Turning off national Road 20, down a slope of about 300 meters into a smallvalley, tourists can see Datanla waterfall with a wild and attractive landscape. Water falls down from 20 meters above, worms through many steps of rock-slits, and then hides itself inside the jungle, flowing alternatively in and out of sight, challenging tourists’ curiosity. There are beautiful and glossy rock slabs where fairies from heaven legendarily used to bathe and get amused; therefore it is also called Fairy Stream.

Going farther down, tourists are soon in front of an immeasurably deep chasm, called ’Death Chasm’. This is a rather dangerous place where accidents easily happen. Unless guided by professionals and equipped with safety devices, tourists should not recklessly explore the mysteries of Death Chasm at Datanla.

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