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Elephant Waterfall

The waterfall lies between 2 hills which have the shapes of 2 elephants kneeling and it is like a cave with house, coffee plantations around, below the waterfall there is a small lake made by water flowing for a long time, beside the lake there is a big block of stone that look like a stone table of the heaven and around there are big old trees.

On National road 27, linking Đà Lạt to Buôn Ma Thuột 19 km past Liên Khương T-Junction is a 13 km access road to Nam Ban Tows, Lâm Hà District. This road leads to Elephant Waterfall, one of the rare landscapes in Lâm Đồng Province, 5km from Nam Ban Town and 8km from National Road 27.

In the distance, tourists may hear thunderous down flowing and witness the waterfall throw up massive white foam below imposing Nam Ban Pagoda. However, only having climbed down cliffs to the foot of the waterfall do they feel the grandiosity of this 30-meter high waterfall. Elephant Waterfall is really a lively scenery the nature has ever created Mysterious caves hide themselves behind dangerous cliffs, countless lianas hang round huge trees or from their branches, especially alkalic rocks in strange figures, half-seen trough a curtain of mist, look like a herd of elephant having a wash in the current.

An excursion to Elephant Waterfall not only provokes excitement of taking hanging paths up and down, of walking on narrow bridges crossing certain crevasses, but also offers tourist lots of delight in wriggling through dark caves, immerging n the wild nature or day-dreaming under shady canopies.

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