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The attractive destination in Ha Long





The attractive travel sites in Ha Long 

Bai Chay – The interesting place in Ha Long

Actually Bai Chay is an island with 6km in length, which is a large and beautiful artificial beach along to the Ha Long Bay’s edge, it’s coastal has 500m in length and 100m in width. The Bai Chay tourism area is becoming the the most beautiful destination in Ha Long City, with the coastals interleaved with abundant and luxury villas and performance of water puppet, ethnic minority music, water games.

With the advantage of the location next to the Ha Long Bay with fully furnished hotels, restaurants and food shops, entertaining center serve for 24/24. Traveling to Bai Chay with the fresh air, blue water is a great ideal for relax and travel

Co To Island

The Co To Island is one of the most beautiful island in the Northern Bay with the wild and fanciful beauty. With 47.3 km2 area, Co To Island is famous with more 50 islands, stones and fresh beach, simple natural view, which is an ideal place for swimming and relax in the summer. Don’t forget the Van Chay Harbor with the gental coastal, shallow water and wild, romantic beauty, The small Co To Island with 2 clean beach, available for the picnic. Or the Hong Van beach with the most quiet atmosphere and cleanest in Co To. The speciality in Co To is seeing the early dawn and the delicious cuisines

Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island is located away from Ha Long City about 2km with the area of 220ha, which is a land island with the schist. Tuan Chau Island is an ideal resort with the white sand coastal and fresh water around the green pine hill, cool weather.

Besides, Tuan Chau island also has restaurants with unique architectures and the special cuisines, many modern clubs. With the water sport and water music, many other services, Tuan Chau is becoming the Ngoc Chau Island of Ha Long

Yen Tu Mountain – Ha Long Tourism

Yen Tu mountain is located in Uong Bi, where stores many historic sites and called as the land of Viet Nam’s Buddhism. Tourists must spend 6 hours to climb 6000m length of the mountain. Nowaday there are slings, which easy the climbing of tourists.

The Cai Bau Pagoda- The famous destination in Ha Long

Leaning on the mountain and overlooking to the sea, Cai Bau Pagoda becomes the attractive travel site in Ha Long Tourism. Coming to this pagoda, Tourists will enjoy the peace, the sacred and fresh air. When visiting Cai Bau Pagoda, tourists not only enjoy the landscape of pagoda but also enjoy the free vegetarian rice.

The Ba Hang fishing village in Ha Long Bay

The Ba Hang fishing village is located next to the Thien Cung cave, with more than 50 households living and most of them work as fishermen, catching seafood, which is the peaceful and attractive place. Coming to Ba Hang fishing village, tourists will experience not only the beauty of water but also the fishermen life around the year. The most interesting activity is directed catching seafood and buy them with cheap price.

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