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Van Long Natural Reserve

Van Long is a land full of mysteriesis an ideal home for plants and aniamalsIt is home to 457 species of higher plants,including eight species listed in Red Book of Viet NamIt comprote 39 species of animals including 12 species are rare andprecious asprimatesloriseschamoisbears, etc.and especially the famous monkey pants legA poetic picture unfolds before your eyesthe mountains kiss the cloudsreflecting in the water surface forming a spectacle neither real nor imaginary.Purpose of the mountains QuanNghienTrong interned with green trees whose leaves feed the monkeys in pants legThoseanimals that do vivrent in these mountainous areas and in the Cuc Phuong National ParkDuring the daywe can see down to eat or drinkThe boat glides over the carpet of algae preservedThe Marble Mountains with their legends take visitors to a magical world.

According to statistics from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ninh BinhVan Long together 32 beautiful cavessuch as Ca, BongRuaChanh, .... Each cave has its original beautyVan Long is not only a nature reserve submerged but alsoa site of historical heritageIt is a mecca for eco-tourism but also a place to study ideal for researchersstudents andVietnamese and foreign students.

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