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Xuan Huong Lake

Located in the center of Dalat, Xuan Huong lake is considered the heart of town. Xuan Huong is a very beautiful lake. The surface of the lake is as smooth as glass reflecting the shadows of pine-trees which sing in the wind all day and night.In 1919, on Mayor Counhac’s idea, civil engineer Labbé dammed up the stream into a lake. In1923, another barrage was built just below the first one to make up the second lake.Unfortunately the two barrages were broken when flooded in a storm in March 1923. In 1934-1935, a new big stone barrage, designed by engineer Tran Dang Khoa, was built below the two old ones, making up a larger lake which French people called Grand Lac. This dam is in front of province chief’s palace, at that time, the chief was Mr. Pham Khac Hoe, whom local people called ‘Sir Đạo’ and when the bridge was completed, it was called Sir Đạo’s bridge which still exists nowadays.The lake is 5000 meters in perimeter, 25 hectares and in the shape of a new moon. The lake’s surface is peaceful and as flat as a mirror, reflecting old and stunted pines willows hanging down. It’s more beautiful as spring comes and peach trees are blooming profusely with a splendid pink, making the lake’s flare brightly as cheeks of youthful Đa Lat girls.In 1953, the lake was named Xuan Huong so as to make lively the romantic image of the famous Vietnamese poetess in the 19th century, Miss Ho Xuan Huong.

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