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10 attractive destinations when travelling to Philippines







As a pretty island country of Southeast Asia, many recent years, Philippine is appreciated as travel heaven with unique features in culture, nature and history. There are over 7,000 reasons to travel in Philippines, in which the length of coastline is fifth level in the world and impressive blue and white sandy seas blessed by nature.

1. El Nido

El Nido is a famous primitive beach not only with blue water like pearl but also with bays, marble walls, colourful coral reefs, waterfall, and abundant ecosystem. El Nido is located at the end of Palawan Island, 420km far from Manila Capital, Philippines. In 1996, El Nido is ranked on the list of the most attractive and secret islands by Times Magazine. If you have chance, you should use traditional outrigger canoe of Philippines to travel and discover “the heaven” and visit to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park- one of seven world heritages certificated by UNESCO.

2. Batan Island

Virtually all visitors to Batanes enter through Batan, the commercial centre and site of the provincial government. You’ll want to spend at least a day circumnavigating the island, taking in the fabulous scenery, navigating its hilly roads, and visiting its villages. Batan is blessed with ample natural beauty, but for raw Ivatna culture, Sabtang Island is a better bet.

3. Pinatubo Lake

In 1991, Pinatubo peaceful volcano waked up after thousand sleep years in peaceful and friendly appearance. During the volcano gradually cools, Pinatubo is founded. The lake is located on the mouth of Pinatubo volcano in Zambales province, Northwest of Philippines, which is a famous destination of the island country.

4. Siquijor Island

Tourists come to Siquijor not only with its beauty, but also with hope to discover the supernatural ability to be spread on the island. As a small island emerging in Southern sea of Philippines, the area is used to fortified stronghold of parsons in which the lively evidence is an old church with unique architecture over 300 years on the island.

5. Sagada City

Sagada is one of highland city containing mysteries, especially caves. Besides, bringing rural flavour for tourist, escaping modern conveniences, wallowing on terraces, valleys, mountains, waterfalls and hanging coffins are interesting experiences when exploring cave in Sagada.

6. Boracay Island

As the smallest island of Philippines, Boracay is the most pretty and attractive island with white sands like crystal and blue water like pearl. This is a must- visit destination in Southeast Asia in travel books and travel forum. With its beauty, Boraca is named the pearl in the ocean.

7. Baraga City

Although it is a small town with over 115,000 peoples located in the Southeast of Luzon island, Mayon volcano is a stop- operated volcano attracting thousands of tourists every year. In contrast the bustling and crowed air of Daraga city, the suburb of the city makes you interested with peaceful images of stretching fields at the foot of the mountain.

8. Vigan Ancient City

Vigan is the most amazing places, standing tall in the territories of Northern Luzon; this ancient city boasts an array of well-preserved ancestral houses, and Filipino- Spanish era atmosphere. It takes almost 12 hours from Manila, but the trip was well worth it.

As we arrived in the city we were greeted by lines of Spanish style houses. The main plaza contains a huge dancing fountain in the middle and the Old Church and City Hall. A bunch of Kalesa can be seen roaming around the place giving it an authentic feeling of the past.

9. Apo Island

If you see appearance, Apo Island is not really attractive as famous island of Philippines because the beach is not too beautiful to tourists who love sunbathing. However, under the appearance, it is a lively story. The preservation area under the sea is recognized as one of the most beautiful diving place by diver community. And Sport Diver- a magazine of England voted the place on the list of “final diving place” of the world.

10. Davao City

Influenced by many different cultures, especially Spain culture and American culture, Davao is not the rich and bustling city in Philippines, but it has abundance of ecosystem, economy, culture and etc. It is cooperation between beaches and mountains, cool weather in the four seasons, sun and sea wind. Foreign tourists interested in clean roads, colourful traditional festivals and security in the area.

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