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Cable system operated in Fansipan, Sapa, Lao Cai








After 2 year of construction, in the morning of 2nd February, in Sa Pa town, a famous tourist attraction of Vietnam, People’s Committee and Sun Group organised an opening ceremony for Fansipan cable system.

Fansipan cable project in to culture, Fansipan- Sa Pa cable service, entertainment and hotel services complex was implemented by Fansipan- Sa Pa cable and tourism services limited company of Ba Na cable service joint stock company under Sun Group as investor with the capital of 4,400 billion dong.


Nowadays, Fansipan cable system is seen as the largest cable in the world with the length of 6.1km, which has departure station at Sa Pa Town and passing by Muong Hoa Spring Valley to final station with the height of 3000 metres.

From here, tourists can climb more 100 metres to Fansipan Peak with the height of 3143 metres above sea water and Fansipan is called “the roof of Vietnam” and “the roof of Indochina”.

Fansipan is seen as cable with the largest high difference in the world between departure station and final station is 1410 metres. It also is the safest 3- rope cable produced by famous cable manufacturer in the world, Doppelmayr Ga raventa of Republic of Austria and firstly installed in Sa Pa, Vietnam.

The cable system’s transferring capacity is over 2000 tourists/ per hour with 35 cabins with capacity of 30- 35 tourist/ per cabin.

Time to transfer Fansipan peak is 15 minutes/ per turn while if tourists conquer Fansipan according to the road of Hoang Lien Son mountain, they has to spend 2- 3 days.


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