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Cam Ly Waterfall

Cam Ly is a variant of ‘K’Mly’, name of a tribal chief of K’ho clan. After his death, the clan names this place after him to note down his merits. The name ‘Cam Ly’ sounded so nice in Vietnamese that Mr.Cunhac mistook it to be given by Vietnamese people.

Cam Ly Waterfall has now been heavily invested with little man-made scenarios full of mountainous characteristics, with concrete paths which perfectly suit the beauty of this everlasting wild nature. Cam Ly waterfall may be becoming more and more pretty, but the heavy pressure of wastewater flows from the city has made it a not-very-pure environment and the dreamy poetic Cam Ly Waterfall therefore no longer attracts as many of tourists as some years ago.

The noise produced by the running water of the Cam Ly waterfall can be heard even before arriving at the site of the falls. The city’s lake is supplied with water from a small stream that runs north of the lake. On the other side, there is another small stream that brings water from the lake to the western part of the city.

This stream runs beneath a bridge near a bus station where there is a small dam. Both the streams to and from the lake are named Cam Ly. Two kilometes from the lake, the water runs through a rough bed of large boulders called Cam Ly waterfall.

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