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Conference on forming interprovincial tourist routes between Lai Chau and Lao Cai

Forming interprovincial tourist routes between Lai Chau and Lao Cai provinces is an important content of the cooperation agreement between the two provinces signed in 2013 to connect tourist routes and destinations and to develop new tourism products. Previously, the field trip has focused on evaluation of two interprovincial tourist routes of Lao Cai City - Bat Xat District (Lao Cai Province) - Phong Tho District - Lai Chau Town (Lai Chau Province) and Sa Pa District (Lao Cai Province) - Lai Chau Town - Sin Ho District - Lai Chau hydroelectric power pool and such destinations as Nhiu Co San or Buffalo's Horns Mountain (Sang Ma Sao Commune, Bat Xat District, Lao Cai Province); Vang Pheo Village (Muong So Commune, Phong Tho District); Lai Chau hydroelectric power pool's reservoir; Pu Sam Cap Cave Complex (Nam Lo Commune, Lai Chau Town); Sin Ho market (Sin Ho Town, Sin Ho District)...

At the conference, delegates affirmed the destinations' beautiful, pristine natural landscapes and fresh air; friendly and hospitable people; ethnics' traditional cultural characteristics ... of the two provinces could facilitate tourism development. Besides, they also introduced concrete solutions to solve problems and boost tourism development in the coming time.

Hong Nhung

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