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Crab Vermicelli (Bún Riêu Cua)

     This soup is a great mixture of tomato broth and fresh crab cake on top, which gives a very attractive look at first sight. The soup is made through complicated process. First of all, the cab is pounded with on the shell onto a fine paste. The paste is strained in to a liquid call crab water, and then they boil the crab water in to fresh soup. After that they put some slice of tomato in the soup to make the color and the sour taste.  The soup is often added with shallot, onion, herb, pepper or tamarind. The colour, the smell, the taste are what make you irresistible to eat this soup.

    This dish has turned up in Vietnamese meals for a long time, so becomes a good friend with people and it brings in itself the culture of Vietnam. 

    Crab vermicelli is especially suitable in hot weather of suffocating summer.

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