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Cửa Vạn fishermen village







Situated at Hùng Thắng commune, Halong City, 20km away from the tourist boat wharf, the fishing village lies in a calm bay surrounded by mountain, which is called Va Gia- Cửa Vạn. This makes it ideal anchoring boats here.

On Halong Bay, the houses in Cửu Vạn village connect to each other by small bridges. To some people, their houses are house but also their transportation and for livelihood. They’re fishing in a good weather and looking for shelters in caves or land when there are storm. Their life is rustic and peace. Travellers are attracted by them and their houses on the rafts and also their hospitalities.

Cửu Vạn village has a population of 733 in 176 households. They mainly earn their livelihood by fishing. Their floating houses look spacious and clean. The well- off families even have tiled roof with radios, television sets, tables and chairs, etc.

 School is now available for the people in the village. A boat, with 150m square, has 4 rooms for classes and some small rooms for teachers. There are no amenities in these rooms but they’re always crowned with cheerful faces. It is interesting to see the rambunctious children going to “school”. Their bustling calling and their flopping rowing liven up the atmosphere of the quite bay. Looking at the small boats driven by tiny oars going to school, and the radiant faces of the children, o­ne feels confident in a bright future for the fishing village.

Cửa Vạn fishermen village is now attraction for travellers, it also has activities to connect travellers and the people in the village. The Floating Centre of Culture is the first one was built in Vietnam for the purpose of culture conservation of the floating villages like Cửa Vạn Village. Many traditional activities were reserved and introduced travellers.

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