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Discover fisherman’s life in Halong Bay

One of many activities that has been chosen by visitors, especially international ones when coming to Halong bay is kayak. You will have a chance to leisurely enjoy the magnificent beauty of this “Descending-dragon” bay, wriggle  into caves and touch stalactites, exotic flowers and rare herbs or hold the conches, shells with sparkling colors in your own hand… Those things will bring every one a poetice feeling.

Along with kayak, bamboo boat tour to discover the daily life of local fishermen is also a favoutite choice of many tourists.  Each bamboo boat can carry about 4 visitors. The boat is rowing fishermen dressed in brown clothes, conical hats. Rowers are the local fishermen wearing brown clothes and conial hats. Visitors often enjoy boating to the floating houses to explore the daily activities of fishermen from knitting, removing fishing nets, fish feeding to cooking on floating houses ... Destinations for this experience activity can be Vung Vieng, Cua Van or Ba Hang fishing village ... You can rent a bamboo boat at Halong cruise terminal.

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