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International arrivals to Vietnam continue to rise

The number of international arrivals for tourism rose strongly, achieving 3,750,017 (up 12.7%), accounting for over 60% of international arrivals to Vietnam, followed by those for business: 1,023,800 (up 8.6%); for visiting relatives: 1,018,156 (up 8.4%).

International arrivals to Viet Nam by air reached 4,826,938, increasing by 7.3% over the same period last year; by sea: 177,845 (down 20%); by road: 1,114,186 (up 35.7%).

In the past ten months, the number of international arrivals from Russia, China, Thailand was 228,109 (up 66.1%), 1,535,813 (up 36.2%), 216,294 (up 21%), respectively.

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