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Nha Trang Cathedral

Nha Trang Cathedral stands on a small hill overlooking the train station. It’s a surprisingly elegant building, given that it was constructed of simple cement blocks. A particularly colourful Vietnamese touch is the red neon outlining the crucifix, the pink back-lighting on the tabernacle and the blue neon arch and white neon halo over the statue of St Mary. The construction of the Nha Trang Cathedral began in 1928 and was completed in 1934. Three large bells were provided by the Bourdons Carillons Company in 1934, and a big clock that was assembled on the tower in December 1935. The buildings of the Nha Trang Cathedral, which is now over 70 years old, are still intact and attract many visitors. Mass is held Monday to Saturday at 5am and 4.30 pm, and Sunday at 5am to 7am, and 4.30 pm.

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