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Rolled cake (Bánh cuốn)

       Rolled cake is a typical northern dish which dates back to a few centuries ago. Best for breakfast but for lunch and dinner is not inappropriate.

       Rolled cake is made from a very thin and wide batter of rice, with a mixture of minced pork, mushroom, onion, shrimp and chilly pepper...etc in side which makes contribution to the delicious taste of the cake. 

       Rolled cake is usually eaten with a special soup. To make the soup, people have to boiled pig bone for a long time to take the sweet in the bone, and then the soup is mixtured with ground pork, some mush room and some herbs. 

       The cake is easy to make so it is call a homemade dish. But people domnot have time to make it themselves at home so they often order from the street vendor, which has become the symbol, especially in the Old Quarter. The cake digs deep into Vietnamese village culture so no Vietnamese has never eaten this cake once in life

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