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Sam Son beach in Thanh Hoa province







Sam Son is located 16 km east of Thanh Hoa city. It has been a popular seaside resort of Vietnam since the beginning of the 20th century. The beach was discovered by the French in 1906 and the place was planned to be an ideal resort of Indochina. Sam Son is granted by the nature with a beautiful beach lying at the foot of Truong Le Mountain. This place is also rich in cultural features with various traditional festivals. Sam Son boasts its legendary beauty of several historical buildings and natural landscapes together with the folk legends which link the past with the present and one of the most beautiful beaches in North Vietnam. With a lot of tourist projects being planned in this place, Sam Son is expected to be the most romantic and relaxing destination in the region for visitors.

 Sam Son Beach stretches for almost 6 km from Lach Hoi estuary to the foot of Truong Le Mountain. The nature has created in this place a beautiful beach full of sunlight with warm climate in winter and cool in summer. This is considered as the most romantic beach in Vietnam. The beach is wide and flat which slopes gently to the sea. The water is crystal clear with big waves and an average salt concentration which is good for health. Sam Son receives million turns of overseas and domestic tourists each year.

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