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Thap Ba Hot Spring Center

Thap Ba Hot Spring Center situated in Group Q 25, Ngoc Son Hamlet, Ngoc Hiep Ward, Nha Trang City, about 5km from the north of city centre. In Viet Nam, Thap Ba Hot Spring Center has honor of being the first place to exploit mineral mud for social health care, creatin new leisure and recreation activities for Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa. Behind Po Nagar Cham Tower, Thap Ba Hot Spring Center covers an area of 3ha with many trees and flowers. Hot mineral water containing clean chloride sodium silica is taken from a depth of 100m under the ground. At the temperature of 38-40°C the mineral substances in the water penetrate the body; it has good effect widely acclaimed, not only in community convalescence and relaxation but also in treatment of diseases: arthritis, muscular, joint rheumatism, and exterior nervous system. At present, mineral mud bath is considered as one of the best natural therapy for health recovery and skin care.The services in Thap Ba Hot Spring Center have been continuously renewed and upgraded to satisfy increasing demands of tourists. The best services including: VIP Spa, Ten Sa Mineral Bath, Special Mineral Mud Bath, Collective Mineral Mud Bath, Mineral Swimming-pool (warm and cool), Hydrotherapy by hot spring, Mineral water-fall… It is a kind of the unique health care service appears the first time in Vietnam: bogging down in the mud, bogging down in hot spring water, warm swimming pool and spraying hot spring water. The hot spring mineral water and also mineral mud silica are recognized on the medicine good for health. Besides the effect of relaxing and the stimulating of nervous system acting, the hot spring water and also mineral mud have effect to the skin that curing normal skin disease and making the skin whitest and softest.

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