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Titop of the most beautiful island in Halong Bay

On November 22, 1962, this tiny island had the honor of receiving a visit from cosmonaut Ghermann Titop, a hero of the former Soviet Union, accompanied by President Ho Chi Minh. To mark the significance of their visit, Uncle Ho named it Ti Top Island. The island is a very popular stopover for visitors cruising Halong Bay.

The beach on the island takes the shape of a half-moon crescent encompassing half of the island. A bit small though it might be, it wins kudos for its quiet and airy atmosphere, its clean white sand and clear waters, as well as its alluring landscape. The beach is ideal for swimming nearly year round, as even in winter the water temperature is still a pleasant 65-70 degrees F.

However, perhaps the island’s real attraction is the pagoda-styled lookout point its peak. After climbing the 427 stone steps winding up the mountain one is treated to a most incredible 360 degree view of Halong Bay. For those who tire out before reaching the summit there is a spacious lookout point half way up as well.

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