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Tofu (Tào phớ)

      Tofu, also known as "Bean curd", is a specialty of Hanoi which belong to Vietnamese cultures. Familiar with nature beacause the main ingredient is soybean, good for health because it help prevent vitamin deficiency, and, especially idealistic food for overweight people. All this makes the reputation of "To fu".

     Tofu is made by coagulating soy milk and pressing the resulting curds. Although pre-made soy milk may be used, some tofu producers begin by making their own soy milk, which is produced by soaking, grinding, boiling and straining dried (or, less commonly, fresh) soybeans. Coagulation of the protein and oil suspended in the boiled soy milk is the most important step in the production of Tofu. This process is accomplished with coagulants. Two types of coagulants (salts and acids) are used . 

     Tofu vendors are often accidentally seen around the Old Quarter, because they sell "Tofu" for walking people. The cheapest price of a bowl is 5.000 Vnd

    Join us on a Food on Foot tour around the Old Quarter to enjoy Tofu and know more about the recipe for this kind of food, see information on:

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