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Travel tips to Sa Pa

Travel tips to Sa Pa

Sa Pa is a frontier town and capital of Sa Pa District in Lao Cai province, which is a peaceful and quite land with spectacular natural views. Natural landscapes with the creativity of people and the green of trees make a poetic picture.

Locating in the north-western of Vietnam, Sapa contains the variety of miraculous things of natural landscapes and local people. The town in cloud attracts visitors by magnificent mountainous landscapes and interesting experiences with ethnic minority’s life

Travel tips to Sa Pa

When travelling to Sa Pa, visitors will have chance to conquer Fansipan famous peak. Mountainous landscape with flowers, mountain and cloud will make visitors wallowed


Sa Pa has an invaluable resource and it is cool, refresh and various climate. It is highly seasonal, with a subtropical climate in the summer and a temperate climate during the winter. Mean annual temperature for Sa Pa town is 15.4 °C (59.7 °F), with a maximum of 29.4 °C (84.9 °F) and a minimum of 1.0 °C (33.8 °F). The warmest months are July and August, and the coldest months are December and January. Snow falls in some years on the highest peaks.

The most beautiful season to travel in Sa Pa

The most suitable time to travel in Sa Pa is September to November or March to May. In the time, the weather of Sa Pa is very nice with sunny day and cold night

April to May is the time when ethnic minorities is preparing to grow rice on the terraced fields. And the time is also the season of blooming flowers

September to November is known as “golden season” in Sa Pa with brightly yellow colour of terraced fields

December to February, it is very cold and sometimes appears ice and snow. This is also blooming season of peach blossom. This is ideal time for young people to discover Sa Pa to see snow in their country

How to get there

Sa Pa town is 38 kilometres far from Lao Cai province and 376 kilometres far from Hanoi. To travel to Sa Pa, you can choose train or coach

Departing from Hanoi

By coach

The price of ticket for coach from Hanoi to Lao Cai is 230,000VND to 280,000VND, departing from My Dinh, Luong Yen or Gia Lam coach station to Sa Pa after 5-6 hours

Some prestigious coach brands

Hai Van

Number phone: +84 203 872 606

Ha Son

Number phone: +84 466 62 62 62

Hung Thanh

Number phone: +84 989 294 294


Number phone: + 436 27 27 27

 By train

Sitting train

Hard sitting train: 150,000VND/ one person

Soft sitting train: 280,000VND/ one person

Sleeping train

Sleeping train for 6 people in one cabin: 480,000VND/ one person/ one way, 560,000VND/ one person/ one way for 4 people in one cabin and 3,200,000VND/ cabin/ one way for luxury cabin for 2 people

Ha Noi station address: 120 Le Duan, Hoan Kiem

Lao Cai station address: Yen Khanh, Pho Moi, Lao Cai


Sa Pa is one attractive destination so the nice seats are booked by tourism agency. If you want to have a convenient seat, you should come to the agency with the fee of 8% to 10%

Depart from Lao Cao to Sa Pa

When coming to Lao Cai station, you can get a coach to Sa Pa town with the price of 50,000VND-60,000VND/ one person

You also use public bus with cheap price of 10,000VND/ one ticket

Or you can also choose taxi with the price of 350,000VND

Transportation in Sa Pa

You can hire motorbike with 120,000VND and drive to which you want. Noting that the time to hire is from 6a.m to 18p.m, so you should come back at 18p.m or the latest at 20p.m

The second way is “xe om tour” with 100,000VND for 4 or 5 places

Or simply, you can take part in Sa Pa tour of tourism agency

The landscapes can’t be missed in Sa Pa

Ham Rong mountain

Travel tips to Sa Pa

On the top of Ham Rong mountain, you can see overview of Sa Pa town, Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa commune, Ta Phin in dew. Going to Ham Rong mountain, visitors are losing in heaven with cloud and blooming flowers on the land

Ham Rong mountain is 3 kilometres far from Sa Pa town

Sa Pa rock church

Travel tips to Sa Pa

The Sa Pa Rock Church was built in 1895 and it is the most ancient architectural work of the French left in Sa Pa, Lao Cai. The cathedral is in the center of Sapa town, so it can be observed from the four sides, along with two other buildings built by the French

Cat Cat village

Travel tips to Sa Pa

Nestled in a beautiful valley about three kilometers from Sapa Town, Cat Cat- the old village of ethnic groups- attracts tourists from all over the world for its distinctive customs and practices which have been lost in almost ethnic villages. The village is within easy walking distance from any hotel in downtown Sapa.

Muong Hoa valley- Sa Pa ancient rock

Travel tips to Sa Pa

Muong Hoa Valley situated 10km from Sapa town in the southeast. This’s a tourist attraction because of the charming beauty of earth and sky scenes convergence. This beautiful valley is inhabited of many ethnic groups as well as contains great natural beauty.

Interspersed between the terraced rice fields untouched ethnic Dao, H’mong is ancient rocks with different engravings. With about 159 ancient rocks, large and small stones are scattered remnants of prehistoric man. On the carved stone decoration, silhouette, terraces, floor or even traces of writing. According to some historical documents and ethnographic, the carvings are very concise, clear pristine era, when people depend entirely on nature

It locates in Hau Thao and 8 kilometres from Sa Pa in the Southeast. From Sa Pa town, crossing through a high mountain with the fee of 80,000VND/ one person, you will come to Muong Hoa village

Travel tips to Sa Pa

Before you might think about anything improper, Sa Pa’s love market has been an unique and valuable aspect in the culture of the Mong and Dao ethnic groups for a long time. Due to the distance between the villages, the market meets once a week on Sunday

On the Saturday night, guys and girls from all villages come to Lao Cai to meet one another. They talk, sing and play different games according to their ethnic groups’ tradition. After the night, many couples become intimate and promise to see each other again on the following morning. Many of them become husbands and wives in the spring. That is why the poets in Lao Cai called the market Sa Pa’s Love Market.  

Fansipan peak- the roof of Vietnam and Indochina

Travel tips to Sa Pa

Vietnam's highest mountain, Fansipan ( 3143m ) lies within the reserve boundary, less 5 km as the crow flies from Sapa but an arduous three-to five day round trip on foot. the usual root starts by descending 300m to cross the MuongHoa river , and the climb almost 2000m on overgrown paths throught the pine forest and bamboo thickets before emerging on the southern ridge. The reward is a panorama encompassing the mountain ranges of northern west Vietnam, south to Sonla province and north to the peaks of Yunnam in China .

The peak is 9 kilometres far from Sa Pa town in the Southwest

Ta Phin village

Travel tips to Sa Pa

Though Sapa has long been familiar with tourists, Ta Phin Village is still a new name to almost everybody. Located about 17km in the west of Sapa, Ta Phin is a village of Red Dao’s people possessing a rich culture that has not been damaged by the modern life.

The village is 17 kilometres far from Sa Pa town in the East

Silver waterfall- Thac Bac waterfall

Travel tips to Sa Pa

Silver Waterfall is far about 15 kilometers from Sapa toward Lai Chau; tourists take approximately 30 minutes by motorbike or bus to visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. The scenery along the way, the pine forest, and the 'su su' spread over the hills. With more than 100 meters high, white water poured down the stream

Heaven’s Gate

 From Sapa town, about 18km to the North, the road to reach Heaven Gate is meandering around the mountains with vegetation growing on rocky soil. This road is called Tram Ton. When reaching the end of this road, you will be at the top of Hoang Lien Mountain, or the Heaven Gate. Standing at Heaven Gate, you can have a panoramic view of the vast valley below with lusciously green paddy fields, Phong Tho road, even the view of Silver Fall a far.

Hoang A Tuong palace

Travel tips to Sa Pa

Going to Bac Ha, all tourists visit Hoang A Tuong mansion, which is isolated in the center of the town. This used to be the most powerful house in the Northwest region.

Hoang A Tuong Palace was built in the style of Asia - Europe with closed rectangular layouts. Its owners were father and son Hoang Yen Chao and Hoang A Tuong, Tay ethnic people who ruled a region with 70 percent of the population are H’mong people and were called "King."

Bac Ha market

Travel tips to Sa Pa

Bac Ha Market is held every Sunday and is the biggest minority peoples market in Northwest Vietnam. Alive with the bright colours and extravagant costumes of the local people, here you will meet Flower Hmong (Red Hmong), Black Dao, Tay, Nung, La Chi, Phu La and other minority groups who come from far and wide to buy and sell a wide variety of goods and livestock, to exchange news and to renew friendships. In the past the market was a centre for trading horses but now that motorbikes have replaced them it is more common to see buffalo, cows, goats, fish and other livestock being traded. The market opens at around 7.30am and closes mid-afternoon, so an early start is advisable

Hostel and hotel in Sa Pa

The hotel in Sa Pa is quite various and its service is good. We recommend some hotels in Sap

Fansipan View Sapa with the price of 463,000VND

Address: Xuan Vien street, Sa Pa district, Lao cai

Hoang Ha Sapa with the price of 259,000VND

Address: 8 Thac Bac street, Sapa, Lao Cai

Sa Pa hotel with the price of 320,000VND

Address: 9 Phanxipang, Sa Pa town, Lao cai

Elysian Sa Pa Hotel with the price of 415,000VND

Address: 38 Cau May, Sapa town, Lao Cai

Chau Long Sapa 1 with the price of 477,000VND

Address: 24 Dong Loi street, Sa Pa town

Sunny Mountain Sapa with the price of 611,000VND

Address: 10 Muong Hoa, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Hmong Sapa with the price of 858,000VND

Address: 10 Thac Bac street, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

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